How to create sites with high conversions

Demand analysis

This is the most important and paramount question that marketers need to address when starting any business. The client can be sure that his idea is brilliant and will be 100% successful. However, an ideal site and competent promotion will not give any result if there is no demand for the goods or services (or very low demand).If the client applies to site developers, and they begin to work without studying consumer opportunities in this niche, then such investments have the maximum risk indicator.

Competitive noise analysis

Strategic marketing takes into account not only demand, but also the activity of competitors. A promising niche with a high level of competition requires large financial investments and effort to win over a customer. Our SEO specialists in such projects complete the Client's idea with unique selling propositions, repositioning or demand creation.

Collecting the semantic core

The first stage of SEO is included in the initial stage of building the site, when the content is not written yet. A semantic kernel (100+ words) is compiled for further optimization of the site and the issuance of the resource in the top search engines. Writing the text component of the site with the inclusion of high-frequency, medium-frequency and low-frequency keys solves immediately a set of problems in the development and significantly optimizes the process.


A prototype is the initial layout of a website with a clear structure and text content. Often, customers neglect the stage of creating a prototype and begin to make textual changes in the design layout, significantly complicating the work on time and labor costs. In the prototype layout, without photographs and design, it is much easier to assess the semantic component of the resource, and in time to make all the adjustments. Experienced customers, who have more than one resource under their belt, are well aware that the prototype can be much more important than other stages, because during its creation all the ideas and key meanings of the site are thought through and established.

Site Design

The artistic content of the site takes place at the design stage. All modern designs are adaptive to mobile devices and are created according to the latest trends in the IT industry. Minimalism, maximum ease of perception, restrained tones and high-quality photos (preferably authentic to the customer's company) are increasingly in demand in designs. If the client has no clear idea about the design, our specialists study his tastes and preferences in order to hit the target of his expectations precisely.

Site layout

A layout is the translation of layout structure into HTML code. While the site design can be edited many times, the layout process implies a one-time accurate work with adaptation for different devices and browsers. Therefore, it is extremely important for the client to be involved in the process of creating a resource at the stage of prototyping and design, so that in the future there will be no questions to the already designed site.


The finished designed site is installed on the so-called engine - a CMS-system (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Bitrix, etc.) or on the application server(Tomcat, JBoss, Amazon, Google Cloud) in case of custom site. Programmers build the mechanics of the site: switching buttons, sliders and interactivity, setting up the administrative panel of the user site. The engine is chosen individually, taking into account the tasks of the future site, for one business WordPress is suitable, for another - Java, PHP, AWS, React.


The launch of the site passes in parallel with the debugging of all its mechanisms: front-end development, correction structure of site, installing software and adjusting servers, writing and testing code, creating resources such as photos and videos, etc.


Comprehensive services for website promotion may include contextual advertising, internal and external optimization (SEO), installation and configuration of web analytics services, advertising in social networks. The type of promotion depends on the marketing sales strategy, niche specifics, budget opportunities and other factors. If necessary we start e-mail marketing or advertising the Client on YouTube.

Our strengths

The strengths of the WinMarketing team are an analytical way of thinking, a penchant for pedantry and clarity, and high ethical business principles.

Working for the long term

Creating a profitable online resource is not a one-month task. Only CEO optimization can take more than half a year until the first results appear. That is why we strive to establish a long-term relationship with the Client, always explaining the algorithms of work and future prospects instead of attracting with loud promises and risky goals.

Honest and open approach

We show all stages of work in reports, openly substantiate and explain to clients all tangible results. This gives an understanding of our labor costs and agreement with the established price for the work. In addition, it causes true trust in the company, which is expressed in large budgets and large-scale projects.

In-depth understanding of marketing processes

The task of expert marketers is not to study theory and complex terminology, but to understand the essence of forming supply and demand. Internet marketing is subject to the general laws of business and our task is to apply these laws to a specific online environment. Therefore, do not be surprised when your request to create a website WinMarketing specialists will ask you basic questions about the mission of the company, the unique advantages of the product, the target audience, etc.

Intense development in the Internet environment

The IT-sphere is the most rapidly changing environment where the rules of doing business and winning their audience are updated every six months. And everyone who runs ahead has a huge advantage. Our specialists create their own CRM systems, we ourselves develop parsers of sites (spyware), which go to the pages of competitors and download information for analytics.

Consulting - the perfect balance between providing services and training

We clearly see situations in which it is better to give clients a rod instead of a fish - that is, to share analytical tools or promotion methods that they can use in their company in the long term. Marketing consulting is provided for mid-level IT specialists or company executives who want to thoroughly understand the workings of their site.

The company sees its strategic development in two main directions - increasing the professional level and the creation of an ironclad reputation in Internet marketing.

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